Virginia Women’s Rugby Qualifies for 7s Nationals!

ImageYes, Virginia! We’re going to 7s Nationals! The team lost in the Finals of the NoVa tournament to JMU, but earned an at-Large bid from USA Rugby to participate in the tourney. It’s the weekend of November 23rd & 24th in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The team is:

  • Kristen Musselman “Mussels”
  • Emma Ward
  • Christy Haney “C-Train”
  • Katherine Liptak “Tic Tac”
  • Laura Watkins “Balsa Wood”
  • Amanda Rumsey
  • Cecile Maurelli
  • Bri Kim
  • Jen Andereggs “Eggs”
  • Joy Jefferson and
  • Zoe Schmitt
  • Kelley Frank
  • Dani Loleng

Awesome Coaching Staff:

  • Dana Creagar, MARFU Women’s 7s Coach, NOVA Women’s Back Coach
  • Erica Cavanaugh, Women’s National Team member, UVA Class of 2011
  • Meredith Nelson, UVA Class of 2013


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