Contact Us

The officers of the Virginia Women’s Rugby Club are:

President: Lucie Rutherford (

Vice President: Clare O’Reilly (

Treasurer: Hannah Hockensmith

Fundraising ChairsCameron Williams, Annika Antholis, Lydia Smith

Match Secretary: Lucie Rutherford

Philanthropy Chairs: Clare O’Reilly, Carrie Morrison

Recruitment Chairs: Emma Auld, Kara Koopman, Annika Antholis

Captains:  Lucie Rutherford & Alexis Ward (

Coaches: Nancy Kechner (, Jules Comer ( , Glenn Jensen (, and Erica Cavanaugh (

6 Comments on “Contact Us

  1. Hi, my name’s Autumn and I’m the Recruiting Coordinator for the New York Rugby Club, the Women’s Premier League team for NYC. I’d like to reach out to your graduating seniors about playing for us, but the email rejected my letter. Can you provide me with a different contact?

  2. Hello VWR,

    I am Claiborne Earles, a high school senior interested in learning rugby. You all are the only team in existence that I have found here in C-ville. I am wondering if I would be able to observe a practice or two and potentially learn with the team. I have a growing respect of the sport and would love to expand it!

    You may contact me by this email or 434.987.9628.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Hi Sean- I assume you’re a guy, no? If so, USA Rugby sates that if your school does not provide an intercollegiate rugby team for you to play on, that you may join the nearby college team as a full member. Please contact Jon Roberts Jon Roberts or Gordon Hamilton-Fairley to get info on practicing and joining UVa men. Have fun- Nancy

    • Hi Nancy thank you for responding so promptly I’m actually a girl and so if I am allowed to play with you then do you have tryouts in the spring?

  4. Hej! My name is Rebecka and I´m a student from Sweden transferring to University of Virginia fall 2016. I´m wondering if exchange students can play with the rugby team? Also when is the competitive rugby season? I have more then 8 years of experience.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Rebecka- Yes you can play with us as an exchange student. We play Fall and Spring, with championships in the spring. Please email us at when it’s closer to you getting here. We’d love to have you.-Nancy, head coach.

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